Friday, 7 November 2008

Blue-blue blue suede shoes uh-uh-uh (and repeat)

I'm up late again tonight (well, it's morning now) to catch the result of the Glenrothes by-election. I appreciate that this admission once again confirms my status as a very sad man. Should anyone out there have a life going spare, I'd be grateful if you'd post it on to me.

But whilst I'm up, I might as well report that Jamie is now the owner of his very own blue suede shoes (uh-uh-uh).

I found them in a shop in Bradford earlier today (well, yesterday given that it's now officially tomorrow) and thought they'd look smart - handy for evening wedding receptions, that sort of thing. (To be fair, he will probably grow out of them in the next six weeks and we have no evening wedding receptions planned but you just never know).

In case you're wondering, Jamie's blue suede shoes (uh-uh-uh) are the ones on the right; the ones on the left apparently belonged to Elvis himself and are therefore bigger. And being dead, the King isn't actually wearing them. But I thought it might be interesting for you to see Elvis's blue suede shoes (uh-uh-uh) given that I managed to find a picture of them. Personally, I prefer Jamie's (although Elvis's probably retailed for more than £2.99).

I did hope our off-spring would exude a little more enthusiasm about his new blue suede shoes (uh-uh-uh) when I pulled them out of the bag. But he just fell asleep.

To my mind, that would suggest he ain't nothing but a hound dog.

Right, right, I get the message - I'm going to bed! (uh-uh-uh)

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