Monday, 10 November 2008

Let's get Teddy to rumble

Fully recovered from his bout of illness, Jamie is now literally fighting fit.

Vanessa bought a changing table the other day. (Never mind Baby, this is very good news for Daddy whose back is killing him after four months of bending over). And Jamie likes it. In fact, he gets very excited and flays his arms and legs about violently in all directions when he's placed there (which makes it very difficult for Daddy to actually get his nappy on and off, but that's another story).

Up until this point, Jamie hasn't taken a huge amount of interest in all the soft toys many people have been kind enough to buy him. But, a couple of nights ago after I got tired trying to wrestle him myself, I decided to give my tag team partner Derek the Teddy a go.

Derek was Jamie's very first soft toy and was sent over by Granny White all the way from Portstewart. Derek's quite a big boy. Indeed, he's almost identical in size to Jamie himself - which made me conclude it would be a fair fight.

And my prediction was right. I placed Derek on top of Jamie - lying on his changing tray - and rung the bell. Jamie immediately got Derek in a nasty arm lock. But the bold bear quickly fought back with a sharp right hook to Jamie's nose.

I left them too it for a couple of minutes to nip to the loo and, when I came back, the battle was still raging. It actually went on for another five minutes before I decided it was best to break the warriors up and resume hostilities another time.

I intend to enjoy this respite while it lasts for I fear it won't be long before Derek tags me back and it's my turn to take a share of the pain once again. Let's just hope Jamie doesn't have another growth spurt before then.

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