Sunday, 30 November 2008

I'll drink to that

Vanessa and I went to Coldplay in Sheffield last night and, I have to say, it was probably the best live gig I've ever witnessed. Sometimes you'll pay a small fortune to see one of the bigger bands, they stroll on stage, entertain you adequately for an hour and a half and then walk off in a matter-of-fact type way, ready for the next one - Oasis and REM are two groups that come to mind from previous experience.

And then, on rarer occasions, you go along to see a band who give the impression that they know you've paid a load of money to see them, you've looked forward to it for ages and you've made a lot of effort to get there.

Coldplay very much fitted into the latter category last night.

They played every song you'd want to hear, the lights and special effects were fabulous and, most of all, they gave it everything. Absolutely sensational.

And the good news is, I've managed to get hold of two tickets for their big open air concert in Manchester next September - meaning Vanessa and I can do it all again!

The highlight for me was their summer hit Vida la Vida which, as luck would have it, was number one on the day Jamie was born. This is pretty "cool" in my book - and a much "cooler" song than American Pie by Don McLean which was top of the charts on the day I made my appearance (you're obviously entitled to disagree).

A close second, in the highlights stakes, was the chance to drink beer from a two-pint plastic container - which I've kept and photographed for your pleasure alongside a Guinness pint glass, so you too can enjoy its sheer enormity. Excellent.

Meanwhile, Jamie was very good at Grandma Judy and Grandad Mike's. This is positive news on several fronts, including the fact that it strengthens our hand when we want to go out again - everyone's a winner!

It's now time to put the meat on for Sunday lunch - our guests arrive in 37 minutes...

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