Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A genuine bright new dawn

Well, I predicted I'd be wrong so that makes me right in my book! An Obama landslide it clearly was.

I turned off my light at around 4.50am, just a few minutes before the new President-Elect was due to speak - I simply had to get some sleep before work today. But I've just seen his full address on playback, with Jamie propped up alongside me onboard Vanessa's knee.

An absolutely unbelievable night and one that promises to bring great change to the United States and beyond, and also hopefully raise the bar with regard to the quality of political leadership we all currently endure.

This man appears to be sheer class and if he can achieve even 10% of his stated objectives over the next four years, the world will surely be a better for us all.

As for today, stand back and watch Gordon Brown seek to clamber on to the Obama bandwagon over the next few hours.

If I was Gordon, I would keep my distance if I didn't want to look even more pointless and irrelevant than I already do.

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