Saturday, 10 January 2009

Back in the new routine

I made a small number of mental New Year's resolutions last week - shortly after the above pic was taken (by me) - and then had to quickly park one or two of them whilst the White family illnesses ran their course. But this morning I had the chance to get one underway.

It's quite simple really, I want to make better use of my spare time. I'm a bit of a faffer, see. Rather than get on with doing the things I need to do and get them out of the way, I often p*ss about and either not do what I intended to do or take a whole day to do something which should have taken half an hour.

Anyway, after a sensible night last night, Jamie kicked off at around 2.30 this morning and again at 6.30. I managed to get a fair bit of sleep in between the tantrums but Vanessa got very little.

So, after he stirred the second time, I offered to take him downstairs for his breakfast and a bit of playing whilst Mrs W had some down time.

Following a quick change of nappy, I served him a feast of porridge, pear puree and milk topped off with some anti-biotics (let's call that a "special"). Then we mixed some telly - including cricket, Fantasy Island and The Green Green Grass (which was surprisingly good) - with time in his walker before we headed into the kitchen so I could make breakfast for Vanessa and me.

Vanessa arrived down bang on 9.30 and, just as we finished eating, Jamie decided to have a sleep - giving me about an hour and a half to work on my sitcom.

With Vanessa back in charge, I headed off to the gym for a much-needed workout before returning in time for lunch.

All of this detail might seem a bit dull but the key point is that I can't remember cramming so much into a single Saturday morning in my adult life.

The three of us were then supposed to go to the birthday party I mentioned last night but instead we decided to take a well-wrapped up Jamie out for a push instead. Hopefully no offence will be taken by the party host.

As for now, Jamie's bathtime isn't far away and, should we get him down without too much difficulty, we have a whole night ahead of us. Marvellous.

I'm now determined to be equally industrious tomorrow. And I probably will be. No, no - I will be!

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