Sunday, 4 January 2009

So far so sick

It's been a difficult few days - and apologies for not updating the site as a result.

Our New Year's Eve soiree went very well. Indeed, so well did it go that I simply couldn't summon up the energy to write about it on New Year's Day. But, anyway, much fun was had.

However, whilst John, Vicky and I had normal hangovers (Jamie wisely stayed off the hard stuff) which disappeared in time, Vanessa was still suffering by the time darkness arrived and continued to suffer into the next day. She's now about six times worse.

I phoned NHS Direct this morning and, after a 10-minute consultation with a nurse, a viral infection was diagnosed - one that could last up to ten days.

Meanwhile, Jamie is into his own third day of sickness. He's coughing very sorely, he's sneezing and his little eyes are streaming constantly. And, as (bad) luck would have it, he's also begun to have teething pains.

We're dosing him up with Calpol but I fear that at least another couple of difficult nights lie ahead. Very hard to watch.

As you might imagine, these happenings put something of a dampener on our New Year plans.

With my mate John up, we had intended to go into Leeds on Friday, watch rugby on Saturday afternoon and then go out for a big dinner with other friends on Saturday night. All of this had to be cancelled, leaving poor John to make do with a couple of swift visits with me to a local bar as his first excursions into the outside world in 2009.

He only left a little while ago and has been complete trooper, particularly yesterday when he and I looked after Jamie all day.

Hopefully the next 51 and a half weeks will bring us all better fortune.

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