Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Facts of life

The news on the patients is that Mummy is now fully anti-bioticked and on the way back to form.

Baby, meanwhile, still has a very sore eye, a sore mouth but his cough is getting better. I call that progress. Another long night is most likely, however.

Two new parenting facts learnt today.

FACT ONE: putting drops into the eyes of a six-month old baby (albeit, one built like an outhouse) is extremely difficult. The trick seems to be to wait until he is sleeping, pull down the bottom eyelid and squeeze the stuff in. However, he must be sleeping because if he's not, you might as well squeeze it into his nappy - or even your own pants - because you almost certainly won't get his eyes.

FACT TWO: Calpol is not as good as it used to be. Until a few months ago, I'd never heard of this legendary potion which soothes all of baby's ills. But almost every parent I've since mentioned it to has sworn by it, often literally,"it's ****ing great!" being a common response. But, it doesn't makes kids sleep as easily it once did.

And why is this, I hear you cry?

Answer: because, some years ago (according to my pharmacist friend), the manufacturers were forced to stop putting alcohol in it. I bet you didn't know that!

Stick with me and you'll learn stuff - FACT.

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  1. Barry, give him Ibruprofen and calpol, it really does work. You can give both together, calpol every 4 hours Ibruprofen every 6hours. I do thi every time one of my 2 is off it, and it does make things better a lot quicker. I got the advice from a doctor at Airedale hospital when Mollie was poorly once when she was small.

    Rachel xxx