Monday, 5 January 2009

The eyes have it

Our house looked like a sick bay when I left (late) for work this morning.

Sadly, Jamie had another bad night although obviously we hope he is now one step closer to recovery. Meanwhile, Vanessa has improved much more although is probably still a few days away from getting back to normal.

The star of the show today was Grandma Judy.

We finally got Jamie down around midnight last night - the American football on Sky Sports did the trick - but he only lasted a couple of hours before we had to pump him full of milk and Calpol once again.

He was back up before six and quickly became quite distressed. With Vanessa advised to avoid physical contact with him, I brought him into bed with me and, after finally getting him to sleep, spent the next two and a half hours cuddling him and keeping him calm.

Judy then arrived after 9am at take over duties from me whilst I went to work. And she was a star a couple of hours later when she wheeled across to the local doctor for a proper diagnosis.

In short, he has a very heavy cold and cough - which was fairly obvious - and he is also experiencing teething pain.

However, the new development was that his sore eyes are as a result of conjunctivitis and he was given some drops to hopefully clear it up in the coming days.

Despite all his little problems - and he is an unhappy chappy at the moment - he is continuing to eat like a small pony. And he is even able to manage the odd half smile.

Hopefully by the weekend he'll be back to his best and - alongside a revitalised Mummy - the Whites will be able to have some fun again.

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