Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Daddies like to have fun too

As if I hadn't had enough to drink over the past few days, last night I had some more.

And what a civilised affair it turned out to be.

The occasion was a long-awaited get together of Vanessa's mother and toddler group - minus the toddlers but including the daddies (which was where I came in).

Aside from two ante-natal classes  during which I finally found out where babies come from, I haven't had contact with a collective of fathers in any kind of organised setting since Jamie was a bundle of cells.

And whilst I appreciate that a curry and a few pints of Foster's might appear a little on the disorganised side of organised, it certainly did the job for me.

I genuinely found everyone there - mummies as well as daddies - fun and interesting, with the conversation balance between trivia and babies pooing their pants nigh on perfect.

Hopefully there will be more of the same soon (and we may even forget to invite the mummies).

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