Saturday, 13 November 2010

Oh no, it's the Scary Sheep Woman!

Some very special guests have just arrived all the way from Australia.

Louise, Tim and their beautiful one-year-old little girl Scarlett crossed our threshold about an hour ago, and they're here until tomorrow. 

Vanessa and Louise went to (the) university (bar) together, and Louise was also a bridesmaid at our wedding. 

They are living in Sydney at the moment but intend to move back to Louise's native Wales in June of next year. 

Jamie was particularly pleased to see Scarlett, but was a little more dubious at the prospect of encountering her mother who I had previously described to him as the Scary Sheep Woman, owing to the fact that, when unleashed, her hair is very wild and very woolly. And Welsh.

Thankfully it's safely tethered at the moment, although there are bound to be countless attempts at escape over the next 24 hours or so. 

But I would expect we'll have fun (especially this afternoon when Tim, Other John and I are off to try something just a little bit different...)         

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