Monday, 1 November 2010

It was just like watching Jerry Springer

It all started off in a friendly enough fashion. 

It was shortly after 10 o'clock yesterday morning in the little play park across the road from Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds.  Vanessa and I had taken Jamie there to burn off some fat, sorry, energy and, as if by magic, her sister Hannah appeared together with dippy hubby Dagenham Dave and their two boys Oliver and Alexander.  That's the mummies pictured together above, with Oliver and White Junior.  All very pleasant. 

However, if you look again closely at the photo, in the bottom left hand corner, you can just see the handlebar of a scooter - Oliver's scooter. 

And here he is trying it out...

Before Jamie decided he wanted a go - cue riot...

...with mere shouting...

...quickly turning into a fully blown public order incident.

I do love a chilled-out Sunday morning. 

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  1. I blame the parents. Must be confusing for the lad having two parents who like Take That