Monday, 15 November 2010

Pudsey Uncovered

Being Children in Need week, you'll be hearing the name Pudsey a lot over the next few days.

(So you know, the bear was created in 1985 by someone called Joanna Ball and named after Pudsey where her grandfather was once the mayor - presumably in the days before the once independent town was usurped by Leeds).

It is an OK place but, in my experience, there does appear to be evidence of the odd local feud - particularly in the business community.

For example, near our house there are two small firms with adjacent premises.  You can see them below.

On the left is a beauty parlour which goes by the name of Tranquility.  It was first on the scene.

But on the right is something called a "spiritual centre" - which also decided to name itself Tranquility.  Well, I mean, why be overly adventurous?

It used to have a sign with a big Tranquility on it, but that was ripped down - around about the same time as the following notices appeared on the front door of the beauty parlour.

If you look again, you can just see that a "To Let" board has now filled the space once occupied by the second Tranquility sign.

We then head a short distance up the road to two "fireside" shops.  Now, off the top of my head, I can't ever remember seeing one fireside shop.  Anywhere.  But in Pudsey, we have two.  Right beside each other.

And a closer look at the Classic Firesides sign on the left would seem to indicate that they're not very happy about it.

Yes folks, you're very welcome to Pudsey.        

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