Sunday, 28 November 2010

Dips with everything

The term "think smart" is generally associated with huge corporate entities trying to pretend that what they do is complicated or beyond the power of the rest of us.  In my experience in any case.  

However, on Friday evening and possibly for the first time in the entirety of my parenting existence thus far, I "thought smart."

I'd just arrived in from work and Jamie wasn't eating his pasta.

Vanessa had tried everything but the little so and so had refused to give in. 

I then had a go at reasoning with him, prompting him to remove some pasta from his plate.  And throw at it me.

What to do?

Suddenly it came to me.

Jamie's gorgeous little cousin Katie, who you can see him hooking up with last weekend in the photo above, has taught him lots of things over the last two and a half years. 

But possibly his favourite is the art of dipping his chips in tomato ketchup.  He had never done it previously (mainly because Vanessa hardly ever lets him have chips), but Katie showed him the ropes and now he does it all the time (or, more accurately, about once a fortnight when Vanessa can't be arsed to make him something "healthy"). 

So, back to Friday and his pasta.

And in short, I "thought smart" and suggested that a tomato ketchup dip might serve as a perfect accompaniment to his cheese and ham tortellini (ahem).  He readily agreed and proceeded to finish almost the entire bowl.

Should you be a parent, you can have my piece of "blue sky thinking" for free.  (Or you can send me a cheque).

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