Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A weekend I can barely remember

No update yesterday as my sinusitis is back yet again, for the second time in a month, and I couldn't open my eyes to look at a screen.  (Perhaps I should have just typed with the screen off. It might have been my best effort yet).         

I've just visited my local GP practice to request an appointment with Dr Not Shit; Dr Shit just keeps giving me antibiotics which are the equivalent of putting a sticking plaster on my head. I see Dr Not Shit at 4pm tomorrow, which counts as "fast-track" in these parts.

But quickly back to Wales and the rugby weekend just gone by.

Above you can see the game - Welshies v Oz.

Here's Dan (closest to the camera), Other John and Wee John at said game...

...lots of flamethrowers getting us all excited before the teams came out...

...the Max Boyce Band keeping us entertained before we got inside... 

...Wee "Welsh" John (why would he own a Welsh shirt?) watching his "beloved" Ireland play South Africa on TV in the pub afterwards (I'm going to buy him a fixed identity for Christmas)...

...and Dan, sporting his special Yorkshire "off the arse pants" whilst trying to work out how the grill worked on Sunday morning...

...before Other John arrived to tell him.  

I thought they looked a bit like Gregg and John from MasterChef.

Kind of.

So, that was our weekend in the Principality.

Now for Wednesday in Keighley - and work.    

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