Sunday, 31 October 2010

The wisdom of Gatt

England's cricket team landed in Australia yesterday, as the countdown to their defence of The Ashes enters its final few weeks. 

There is going to be a lot of guff talked between now and the first ball being bowled, but I'd be surprised if any "expert" manages to outdo Mike Gatting on the "Guffometer" with this contribution on Radio Five Live this morning, which I have since managed to retrieve via the BBC iPlayer

Presenter: The former England captain Mike Gatting, the last skipper to win in Australia, will tell us how England might do it this time.  How?

Gatting: Well, they've got to perform well as a team, Garry. The bowlers have got to get the wickets.  Obviously you've got to take 20 wickets.  But we need to get some runs on the board.  The most important thing is the fielding.  They've got to catch their catches.

I'm so glad they had him on because neither you nor I could possibly have worked any of that out for ourselves.

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