Monday, 10 January 2011

Anyone seen a baby around here?

Charlotte's arrival into White World has obviously necessitated a lot of changes, especially on the practical side of things.

Take transport, for example.

I'll come on to our car another time, but we'll start with the pram.

A few months ago - being a forward-thinking kind of gal - Vanessa made me agree to her shelling out a huge pile of cash to buy a double buggy. 

And until his sister appeared, Jamie was delighted with his new wheels.

But how would he react when he was made to share? 

The answer is very well, for two good reasons. 

First, when we altered the buggy to make room for two, he got to sit higher up than previously, which made him feel particularly pleased with himself.

And second, he had absolutely no idea she was there.

In fact, can you see her?  No?  Me neither.

Oh hold on, what's that?

Thank goodness. For a moment there, I thought we'd left her in the house.  

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