Sunday, 23 January 2011

I give you the double pumper

Parenthood is a never-ending educational experience.

And that includes having to keep up to speed with the evolution of baby equipment (as much it is knowing whether some crank is now advising that sleep is bad for babies, or something similar).

Take breast pumps. 

Above you can see the style of breast pump Vanessa uses to ensure she can continue to have a life/bottle of wine in one sitting.

It is a somewhat crude piece of kit, yes, but it does the job efficiently and with a minimum of mess. 

Now, when I last had a stab at being the father of a newborn baby (that was to Jamie, in case you think I'm a philanderer), I was aware of the existence of electric breast pumps (Vanessa's is a self-milker). 

But I had no idea that they made double pumpers. 

And all I can say is, well, look (if you have the stomach for these things).

The last place I saw a contraption like this was on a farm.

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