Saturday, 1 January 2011

Here's one

It's "New Year's Night" and it's late, so I don't intend to detain you long.  But I've got to tell you this. 

Wee John and I went to Headingley today to watch some rugby.

Meanwhile, Jamie had his tea at home. And whilst he feasted, he mused (according to Vanessa), as Patrick Kielty rambled away in the background on Radio 2.

During a break in dining, Jamie pointed at the radio and bellowed: "He sounds like Daddy!"

Aw, how perceptive!

But here's the thing.

Mr Kielty was interviewing Cilla Black at the time, who then took it upon herself to mutter something of (no doubt) great interest to listeners across the land.

"He sounds like John!" announced White Junior.

Sometimes I really love that boy.


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