Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Who needs Santa Claus?

I haven't updated this guff for a few days because, quite frankly, I hate this time of year and didn't want to inflict my misery and darkness on the rest of you. 

But, the sun has now come out, I'm still on leave today and tomorrow, I'm planning to check out what's left of the sales in the morning and so I might as well just get on with it.

Which brings me to Batman who, yesterday morning, took a break from fighting the criminals of Pudsey to drop by at our house.

At first, Jamie was a little startled to see his latest (super) hero come in the back gate.

And his tension levels had increased still further by the time the Caped Crusader reached our living room.

So much so, that Batman had little option but to reveal his true identity...

...as Wee John...

...who, shortly afterwards, returned to his Wee Bat Cave in Cardiff.

We expect to see him again next month. 

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