Saturday, 22 January 2011

The camera frequently lies

Look at the idyllic scene above.  And I was in charge.

Vanessa was off getting her hair"styled" so I was handed responsibility for both our children for a whole three hours - the longest period I've had the "honour" yet.

Armed only with a bottle of freshly squeezed breast milk, a loaf, a tin of baked beans and a ginormous bag of nappies, I set about my task. 

And I didn't do that well, to be honest. 

Vanessa had filled Charlotte's tank to over-flowing prior to departure, so at least she stayed quiet for a whole quarter of an hour.  But other than a few minutes here and there - including when I took the picture - she didn't settle at all.

Meanwhile, Jamie didn't like the film I lovingly looked out for him, threw his beans on toast around the house and then refused to sleep - before tiredness finally got him.

But, hey, I didn't break either of them and, if you'd asked me first thing this morning, I'd have settled for that.   

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