Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A new window on the world

Well, it's official; the Whites are now an HD family.

Our Sky+HD box arrived today for self-installation.  But, as is common when I'm involved, an immediate problem presented itself - there were no instructions to explain how to actually do it.

So I phoned the Sky man and could barely believe what he told me.

Because multi-billion pound, clear-everything-in-its-path-and-bugger-the-customer BSkyB had run out of self-installation guides and had instead decided to allow punters to have a blind stab at it, just to see how they got on.

Anyway, two hours later (even though it's only supposed to take 15 minutes), and the job was done.  And above, you can see what tonight's ITV News at Ten looked like in glorious HD.

The big question is (and I know you're dying to ask it), does the world look so much different / better in a High Definition?

Er...well...not really, if truth be told.

But the box is nice

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