Thursday, 20 January 2011

Daddy bear and "mummy" bear

A long day today but, thankfully, I was laughing within a minute of walking through our living room door.

I bought Vanessa a pack of trashy mags the other day, including OK! - the one with Elton John, David Furniture and their sprog on the front. 

As I entered the room, Jamie was expressing his admiration for baby Zachary - so I quickly took the pic above on my camera phone. 

And then White Jnr spoke (and I promise I'm not making this up).

"Mummy?" he said, as he pointed at the Elt and Dave pic.

"Which one is the mummy?"

"Erm...he is," replied Vanessa, index finger resting on David Furniture's head.

"But he's not a lady!" said Jamie.

Educating our boy about the modern world should be fun in the years ahead.

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