Friday, 14 January 2011

Sky, I hate you

I am such a mug. 

Over the course of today, and in the wake of buying my dream telly yesterday, I became convinced that Sky+HD was the thing for me. 

I've been a Sky customer since 2000 and they've never done anything but give me the bare minimum for the highest possible price (and I know I'm obviously not alone).

The low point came a few months ago when I discovered that, for more than two years, I'd been paying for movies I had never asked for (no, not rudies).

When I found out, I phoned up to complain and they said they would no longer charge me for said movies - after I'd paid for another month.

I wasn't pleased, as you might imagine, and I asked the admittedly pleasant call girl (it's Murdoch's money that's paying her) what Sky could do in terms of compensation.

She said she could send me a free Sky+HD box but I would then have to pay a tenner a month in extra subscription. 

I said I didn't have an HD TV so it would be no good to me anyway. And that was that.

Until today, that is, when, as a fully fledged HD TV owner, I researched the pricing arrangements for Sky+HD.  And, in short, as a Sky+ customer, I could have a free box and would then have to pay £10.25 a month in subscription (i.e. the exact same compensatory "offer" I'd been made a few months ago - plus 25p per month).  The only catch was that I'd have to shell out another £15 to have the box delivered.

So, I phoned Sky tonight, told them I now had an HD TV and could I have my box now please.

They said yes.

I said I assume they would not be charging me the £15 delivery charge given previous events.

They said "f*** off."

I said "what?!"

They said "f*** off" again. 

I asked them when I could expect my box to arrive.  

I feel totally unclean.

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