Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bridge across the sea

You join me once again on a speeding piece of Northern Ireland Railways rolling stock bound for Coleraine as I indulge in a spot of dental tourism.

Having visited the dentist's dentist, Robert, and his very trusty assistant Rhonda for some preparatory work last Thursday morning, tomorrow I'm due in at 9am to have a new bridge welded to my upper jaw. (Not that you'll be able to see it as it's at the back, but it will help me chew my fish fingers).

And then it's straight back on the train to return to Leeds before, on Friday, the Whites go on holiday. (More on that tomorrow if the onboard Wi-Fi works).

As I stepped off my Flybe flight at George Best Belfast City Airport, word first reached me of the gruesome terrorist attack in Woolwich.

I shared the news with my bus driver who gave what can only be described as a "Northern Ireland reaction." 

And I quote: "F****ing a***holes. I mean, over here, somebody might've tried to shoot you. But they wouldn't f***ing do that to you."