Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Great Wee Run II

Sad folk who have read this drivel for a prolonged period (seriously, why?) might remember Wee John and me taking to our beaters in 2011 to tackle the Great North Run.

This was not a trick we intended to repeat. 

However, a set of unfortunate circumstances and a chance encounter in Jamie's school playground last Friday afternoon have convinced us to make mouths of ourselves one more time.  So, in just over four months, we will be heading back to the North-East for another go.  The reasons are powerful and the cause is incredibly worthy. 

I will tell you more in the coming weeks once the finer details are ironed out.  In the meantime, if anyone sees my hairy little pal around and about, can you ask him to give me a call?

Since he agreed to answer the call to arms, he has suddenly become very difficult to reach.  Imagine that.

He will do it, though.  Trust me.