Monday, 27 May 2013

Whites Abroad: Part II

Yes, I'm afraid it's not as tropical here as one might wish. And I think it's mean of Vanessa to leave me without a towel.

However, whilst the forecast for today and Wednesday isn't great, the outlook for the remainder of the week we have left will do for us. 

Most importantly, the kids seem to be having a whale of a time. Only three days in, and I'm convinced Charlotte has already managed to eat her entire body weight. Quite an achievement for any female - although there are several others here who are bound to have managed it too. (Oink, oink).

Jamie, meanwhile, has set himself the challenge of never sleeping ever again. Little bouts of sudden tiredness are soon followed by longer periods of hyperactivity and Forrest Gump impersonations as he zooms off into the distance, arms flapping. But his lack of downtime is having an effect on his physical appearance. Whilst previously I've thought that he could easily be the son of Boris Johnson, he now looks more like the spawn of the Chinese Detective.

As I lie here shivering, he's off learning about Horrible Histories. Charlotte, meanwhile, is at Jungle Mania. (I have absolutely no idea).

Later in the day, Jamie is due for dancing lessons with Alex the Lion before Charlotte joins him for the pantomime.

As for Vanessa and me, well, we'll probably just get hammered. Keeps the cold out.