Saturday, 11 May 2013

Jamie White's Days Off

We're taking the kids away for their main holiday during the upcoming half-term break.  And we're going for ten days. YES!

The sole downside of this scenario is that we're having to take Jamie out of school for two days.  We assumed that at least one of the dates would be a teacher training day, as tends to be the case before or after school holidays.  But it's not.

Jamie's school, like all others in Leeds, has a policy of no "unauthorised absence."  It is a stance I agree with, although there is surely some scope for common sense.

So, rather than tell fibs, Vanessa and I decided to be totally up front with the school and tell them why Jamie wouldn't be at school. 

We were told they weren't pleased.  Fair enough.  We were told to fill in a form.  Fair enough.  The school sent it back, confirming they weren't pleased.  We knew that anyway. 

Yesterday, Jamie came home with a copy of this week's school newsletter.  It included an article headed "Absences in Term Time" which I'd like to share with you:

"Our school has a below average attendance record which we, and the governing body, are working towards improving. 

"If your child is to be absent from school due to a medical appointment, please bring a copy of the appointment letter to the school office.

"If you are requesting that your child be absent during term time for a holiday, please make an appointment to see Mrs Bell before returning the form.

"We have had a few instances recently of being told children are absent for appointments but the children have told us where they are going for the weekend!"

That's why we didn't fib.