Sunday, 12 May 2013

Brooks bash after the Brooks smash

Above you can see us Whites having an "indoor barbecue" (the rain clouds came in) with Kris, Kate, Euan and Lydia earlier today. 

This was a particularly special occasion because the Brooks were fortunate not to horribly mangled last night after being caught up in a serious car crash. 

They were all in A&E until the early hours of this morning, having been taken there by ambulance.  And it is feared that Gertie the Car will never ride again.

But they did make it to ours, which was excellent news for two important reasons.

Firstly because, over the past few months, all four of them have become good friends with all four of us.

And secondly, because we'd got a shed load of food in which would surely have gone to waste.

If you're reading this Mr and Mrs Brook, we're very glad that you, your children and all your working parts are still with us.