Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Whites Abroad: Part III

This is what Holiday Village Menorca is supposed to look like, and did so briefly yesterday - hence the picture. 

Unfortunately the changeable weather is continuing and rather than bathe outside in this outfit...

...poor Charlotte has had to dig deep into her holiday wardrobe to come up with this improvised look.

Jamie, meanwhile, has transformed himself into a one-boy painting canvas. 

After his Kung Fu Panda of earlier in the holiday, we've since had Farmyard Pig...

...and Alex the Lion.

Handily for the face paint artists, the real one was here to help them along.

Meanwhile, yesterday was the eighth - or bronze - anniversary of the day Vanessa and I were married.

Ironically, there is little chance of us turning bronze between now and next Monday morning when we depart. But we'll obviously have a go.