Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The mane man (without a mane)

It was the end of a mini-era on Sunday when the curtain came down on the Aireborough Lions 2012-13 micro rugby season. 

The group will most likely look a lot different next year when many of the older boys and girls move up to the Under 7s, and the majority of the coaches go with them. 

You can't see the medals above and, actually, you can't see them below either (e.g. Oliver on the right broke his). But every player got one, they were very impressive and a testament to a club that does things properly.

The undisputed king of the micro Lions pride is head coach Anthony. 

Yes, he really does look like that.

He came out with a select group of rugby dads (plus Wee John) later in the evening - before suddenly prowling back to his lair.

Judging by his gesture, I can only conclude it was a bald thing.