Tuesday, 21 January 2014

No gas, just guts

You join me in a reasonably ropy pub in central Leeds where I await the slow train back to Guiseley after an evening of racy chat.

When I say "racy" I mean in terms of tyres and petrol.  And I'm talking risky as opposed to risqué.

Yes, it was about motorbikes.

Growing up on the edge of the famous Portstewart-Coleraine-Portrush circuit which is the Vauxhall International North West 200, I've always had motorcycle road racing in my blood. But I'm very much an enthusiast as opposed to an expert.

This is in contrast to four-time World Superbike king Carl Fogarty and ex-British Superbike Champion James Whitham who were on stage tonight as part of their "Foggy & Whit Givin' It Gas" Tour 2014.

Yes, it sounds iffy, but it really wasn't.

They spent little time talking about the machinery (which I have no clue about) and instead concentrated on the men (and occasional women) who ride them. And it was great.

Cracked ribs? Not a problem. Shattered pelvis? Be back in a few weeks. Broken collar bone? A fortnight at most.

They didn't tell me anything I didn't already know in terms of how madly brave motorbike racers are. They just confirmed it. But it still made me admire them even more. 

Terrific night. Go see them if you can.