Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Oliver Dickey's Blue and White Army

Coleraine Football Club have needed a bit of luck over recent weeks and tonight it came when Wee Oliver Dickey arrived before the game to meet Bannsiders manager Oran Kearney and pick up his signed shirt.

The match has since finished with a final score of Coleraine 3 Warrenpoint Town 0.

Oliver's personal excitement of this evening wasn't quite matched when I turned up at Dickey Towers on Sunday afternoon to say hello to our little hero, his mum Charlene, dad Neil and little brother Max.

There again, Despicable Me 2 was on TV and, if I was him, I know what would bring me more amusement.

More seriously, it was an absolute privilege to see them all and I am delighted to report that progress continues very much in the forward direction.

Almost £8,400 has now been raised, celebrity retweets continue to come in with motorcycle racing stars Michael Rutter and James Whitham rowing in behind the campaign in just the last hour.  Items for auction and raffle are arriving from all directions.  And new fundraising events are being planned by the day.

Our hope is that we're across the £10,000 line by the weekend when the next publicity drive is due to kick-off.  The centrepiece of this will be a video which, having seen a rough cut, is an awe-inspiring piece of work.

Please give if you can - here's the LINK.