Sunday, 5 January 2014

Fool fingered in fateful fall

It's been a mad three days since the launch of the campaign to Help Wee Oliver Walk.

More than £2,000 is now in the bank, with that figure growing by the hour.  And more supportive celebrity retweets have come from the likes of Peter Andre, Zoe Ball, and British and Irish Lions rugby captain Sam Warburton, amongst others.

I've spent a large chunk of today teeing up what I hope will be a big push in the media to secure the remaining almost £58,000 still required.  But I am only one of many volunteers doing our little bit to ensure Oliver can have his operation and literally start moving forward.

I will keep a link to his Just Giving page at the top of this blog in case you're feeling generous.  And I'll obviously keep you informed.

Now to more trivial matters in the tiny form of Wee John, who left yesterday after a fleeting visit to see his godchildren. They even bought him a little elf because of the obvious physical similarities.

That said, one part of His Weeness was slightly less wee than normal after an undignified New Year tumble in the street.

(John claims that no alcohol was involved.  There again, he also claims to be 5'6'').  

Whilst two fingers were strapped together, only one was actually dislocated.

And, of course, it has to be THAT one (albeit on the other hand).

And the same to you, sir.