Thursday, 30 July 2009

Holding his own

A couple more developments of note in Jamie World.

First, as you can see above, he can now give himself his bottle. This is clearly very good news, especially at 5am-ish when he still tends to wake for his early morning feed.

The next step will be to teach him to pop downstairs and make Mummy and Daddy a cuppa - perhaps with a nice bit of toast. We'll probably have a go at that over the weekend.

The second piece of news is a bit more significant. Indeed, a pivotal moment in any young man's life.

Yes, Jamie has discovered his willy. And he thinks it's hilarious.

Vanessa alerted me to this fact last week after she'd given him a bath. But last night was the first time I'd personally seen him play with his new toy - and then again this morning.

Mrs W cringed and ran away both times it happened, but Jamie and I tittered together.

It's a boy's thing after all.

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