Sunday, 6 March 2011

Got a hat, now where's the home?

Less than three weeks after the big sign was screwed into the front wall, and our house has been sold (subject to contract etc etc).

The nice people who we metaphorically shook hands with at lunchtime yesterday - after a bit of estate agent ping ping - arrived in the morning for their second viewing and, less than three hours later, the deal was done. 

This train of events clearly has consequences for us Whites, most notably the fact that our house won't be our house a short while from now.

In theory, this shouldn't be a huge drama.

Another balmy Yorkshire summer is getting ever closer and spending a few months sleeping in the great outdoors does have a certain amount of appeal.

However, Jamie would quite like a new room, meaning we'll have to buy a whole new house to keep it in.

We already have two viewings lined up today - one in Horsforth and one in Guiseley - if only to get us thinking.

Just when I was hoping for a bit of a rest.

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