Saturday, 26 March 2011

Who he?

As I write, the England cricket team are less than a quarter of an hour away from their World Cup quarter final with Sri Lanka. 

And, as all cricket lovers will be very well aware, each game begins with the toss.

Above you can see the scene in Colombo just a few minutes ago.

On the left is Nasser Hussain from Sky Sports.  Next to him is Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara, then England captain Andrew Strauss and match referee Jeff Crowe.

But who, I hear you cry, is the bloke on the extreme right?

You'll love this.

He, dear friends, is the International Cricket Council "official mascot."  I kid you not.

Maybe they didn't tell his mammy (who must surely be in her 80s) until last night that her boy was on today. 

But surely she could have found something better than that in the dressing up box for him to wear.

And if she didn't have a mask, why didn't she at least tell him to smile?

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