Monday, 7 March 2011


This won't take long as I'm wrecked.

Any why might that be, pray tell?

Well, if you've read this rubbish at some point since yesterday morning, you'll be aware that we sold our house on Saturday and were therefore looking for a replacement.

And, incredibly, we found one. Not only that, but we bought the bugger (again, subject to contract etc etc). 

I'll not bore you with the detail (if only to spare myself from having to go through it all again  - it's been a tiring day) but it's in Guiseley, we like it a lot and we think our sprogs will too (other than the horrific pink walls in the living room, which I intend to Tippex out before I even get my coat off). 

But we've had 48 hours we'll not forget in a hurry.

And the champagne tastes great.

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