Sunday, 27 March 2011

Snapshots of Yorkshire life

Just days after moving from London to Yorkshire in the autumn of 2003, I remember taking part in a 10k race which involved running up hills.

At the top of one such hill, I literally bumped into some sheep. And I thought to myself, "what the f*** am I doing here?!"
Life has moved on a lot since then - including the remnants of my social existence.
For example, last evening was spent in Clifton Village Hall near Otley - pictured above (and yes, I also initially thought it was a mobile classroom).
And inside, surrounded by family members and friends...

....including kiddies...
...we did Yorkshire stuff.
No laughing at the back.
Needless to say, that prize dope Dagenham Dave was present - that's him on the left.
And equally needless to say, he set off one of his never-ending supply of Chinese lanterns.
But dim Dave forgot about the 100 foot tree immediately ahead.

You can only see a red spot in the pic above, because the flash on my camera isn't powerful enough to illuminate a 100 foot tree from 200 metres.

However, for around five minutes, the assembled guests watched as the tree threatened to burn down - and take Clifton Village and its people with it.

Eee, Yorkshire.

UPDATE: A "rival" report from one of life's great men (and pianists), Sir Malcolm Bentley.       

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