Thursday, 24 March 2011

What a thicky

I'm not someone naturally given to ingenious thinking but, as the father of a boy becoming ever more difficult to dupe, it's something I've had to work on.

And, last Wednesday night, as we began our overnight journey across the Irish Sea, I managed to pull one out of the hat.

Our family cabin had four bunks (although Charlotte was eventually stuffed into a travel cot).  And as Jamie remains something of a kamikaze sleeper, it was obvious that I would have to take one of the top ones. 

After Vanessa and I got him settled down and almost off to sleep, I pulled down the bunk immediately above him - and he immediately went crazy, thinking he was about to be crushed.  So, I pushed it back and explained that it was only my bed and he would be alright.

But he still wasn't happy.

Cue ingenious thought.

"I tell you what," said me to him, "I'll not sleep in my bed tonight.  Would you mind if I slept on your roof instead?"

"That's OK!" he bellowed back.

I got my ladder out and clambered slowly up whilst he watched in admiration and awe.

"Daddy?" he said, "you be careful now."

"OK, son," I said. "That's very kind.  I'll be careful."

"Daddy?" he said again.  "You be careful."

"I will, Jamie," I whispered back.  "Goodnight."

"Daddy?" he then shouted up (to his previously sleeping mother's irritation).  "Do you want my Buzz and Woody toys?"

"Thanks son, but you can have them," I replied.

"No, Daddy," he insisted, "you have them," as his hand appeared holding a Buzz Lightyear doll.  And I took it - and the Woody doll that swiftly followed.

You might think all of this was cute. But it wasn't.  It was embarrassing. For him.

What a silly little fool.  I wasn't even sleeping on his roof. And yet he fell for it.

I am clearly more clever than him.

PS I'll bet I couldn't have hoodwinked Charlotte so easily.

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