Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Joy and sadness

We're back from Charlotte's maiden voyage to Belfast and I'm delighted to report that got on very well with her Ulster in laws - and them with her. 

However, tragically, our visit was hugely overshadowed by the death on Saturday morning of my Aunt Kathleen after a short illness.

Kathleen - an incredibly kind and generous woman - was 72 and, whilst her passing wasn't unexpected, it was no sadder for this.

Funerals in Northern Ireland take place much more quickly than in Britain and I had originally thought it would be held yesterday before we left. 

But, for logistical reasons, the date was moved back 24 hours to this afternoon, meaning I was unable to make it, although I did visit the house prior to our departure. 

Losing a sister has understandably hit my father very hard.

But the chance to spend some time with his latest granddaughter undoubtedly did some good. 

Normal service will be resumed here tomorrow.

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