Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Smell your ma

Whilst Jamie continues his hit and miss approach to potty training, Vanessa and I have taken on yet another kiddie challenge. 

Because it's time to persuade Charlotte to take a bottle. 

And, so far, it's been far from easy.  

According to the books and parents who know more about these things than we do, it's apparently best for someone other than the mother to get this process underway.  

But bizarrely, they advise that this individual should try to smell like Mummy. 

Now, I've long stopped being self-conscious about any of these things and will do just about anything for an easy daddy life. 

Which is why, in the picture above, you can see me dressed in Vanessa's floaty cardigan, balancing used breast pads on my daughter.  

As a result, Charlotte took two thirds of the milk on offer - and I had to be happy with that.  

But was she happy?

Turn on your speakers, click the play button below and you'll soon find out.

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