Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I've got balls

We may have bought a new house only eight days ago but, tonight, a much more exciting purchase was completed.

Because I am now the proud owner of a snooker/pool table (yup, it's got balls for all).

Vanessa picked it up second hand on eBay after I declared that I had to have one for my new garage - and it will be my garage (Mrs W can have sole ownership of one of the two toilets if it makes her feel better).

The plan - when we move in, obviously - is to pair the table up with my dartboard, a little TV, a Wii, some sort of music playing contraption, a fully stocked bar and some girl-proof locks and, hey presto, I'll be the most popular man in Yorkshire.

By the way, have another look at the table.

Can you tell which cue is mine and which is Wee John's?        

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