Monday, 14 March 2011

Wot, no Jamie?

I really hope you didn't heed my sad plea for you to watch last night's Antiques Roadshow in case Jamie wandered into shot - particularly if you live in Northern Ireland.

Because the episode shown over there didn't come from Yorkshire, but from Dartmouth (I have no clue where Dartmouth is, but I've never seen any signs for it around here).  

Meanwhile, every young child who lives anywhere near Yorkshire did seem to appear in the mainland version of the show.  Except for Jamie.

How predictable was that?  Well, it was obvious really.

But all is not lost.

It turns out that the Yorkshire Antiques Roadshow was only part one of two, with the sequel being shown next Sunday.  Unless you live in Northern Ireland, in which case it will be shown in a fortnight. 

If I was living in Northern Ireland, I would wait to hear if our son appears in the Yorkshire version next Sunday. 

Then, the week after, when the programme does go out on your side of the water - I would watch something else.

Meanwhile, if you live in Yorkshire and do have the chance to watch part two of the Antiques Roadshow Yorkshire Special on Sunday coming - I would still watch something else.  

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