Sunday, 1 September 2013

A brand new pride

Here they are, the Aireborough Lions combined micros/under 7s class of 2013-14 (thus far).
Yes, the end of summer can be a bit of a downer for some.  But for me, it means the start of a brand new rugby season - a situation I can easily cope with. 
And, of course, a brand new season means brand new kit and boots. 

Which impressed some more than others.
Some new coaches also took to the stage.

Most importantly Kris, the new micros head coach - the word "COACH" emblazoned on his back is the giveaway

He did great.

And this is Dublin Daniel.

If ever a man needed new kit, it's Dublin Daniel.  We'll see what we can do. 

As for me, well, tonight Jamie described my role as that of a "helper coach."  Which, whilst absolutely accurate, was ever so slightly wounding.

Let the games begin.