Thursday, 26 September 2013

A blast from the past

One of the realities of being a parent I often forget is that others have been before you.  And it's the same for kids - like you and me.

To explain, last night I arrived home to find Jamie curled up on the sofa clutching his tummy. Various examinations conducted by Nurse Mummy and me led us to the conclusion that our son had.......trapped wind.  Lovely.

So what to do?

The truth?  We had absolutely no idea, so I walked to Boot's to find out what they thought. 

I quickly discovered that the work experience boy didn't have any thoughts either, so I had a rummage through the shelves myself.   I emerged with a plastic container of Milk of Magnesia.   

A-HA!  Suddenly, I was transported back to the sofa and my mum assuring me that I would poo soon.  (Come on, we've all been there).

Whilst I was away, Vanessa had been on t'Wunderweb seeking tips on relieving trapped wind.  She came up with two:
  1. Rub the patient's back, or 
  2. Get him/her on all fours. 
Rubbing Jamie's back didn't work, and he didn't feel able to get on all fours.

So Charlotte came up with a compromise.

He didn't go for that either.  But, about an hour after I arrived back with my magic potion, he did "go" (if you know what I'm saying) and the job(bie) was done.

Moving on, and this morning it soon became clear that Jamie was back on form as he announced that he wanted to have a baby.

"Oh really?" either Vanessa or I answered back, I can't remember which (it was early).


"And what sort of baby would you like?" (me).

"I'd like one with a brown face."

"Right. And if you had another one, what type of baby would that be?" (still me).

"I'd like a ginger one."

As I say, we're back to normal.