Friday, 20 September 2013

Where's Wally, er, Barry?

A small handful of people told me after last Sunday's Great North Run that they tried to spot me on TV but couldn't.

So, last night, kids in bed  - Vanessa was out on the drink - and very, very bored, I decided to have a little peak myself. 

Now, I am not the type who gets a kick from looking at myself.  Indeed, it is one of several reasons why I hate shaving in the morning.  But, you know, I was curious.

And after spending a few brief moments on Sky+, I must respectfully ask those kindly folk who did try to find me, are you f****** blind?! 

For example, there I am above.

What do you mean you still can't see me?!

Hold on.......does this help?

Yes it IS me!  Hold on THAT better?!

In fact, there I go again! 
I think I'll leave it there in case Mo Farah gets jealous.