Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sh*te Stuff

My name is Barry White and this blog is called White Stuff.  It's called White Stuff because my name is Barry White.

Precisely seven days ago on this blog - which I remind you is called White Stuff on the grounds that my name is Barry White - I wrote about my somewhat surreal trip to Downing Street to drink Beck's with the British and Irish Lions.

This was picked up by my local and generally wonderful newspaper back home, the Coleraine Chronicle, who asked if they could do a story.  Although a touch embarrassed, I said yes and provided some words and pics which appeared in tonight's paper.

Just one slight problem.  Despite them getting the story from White Stuff - my blog which is called after me, Barry White - the Chronicle have referred to me variously as "Barry Whyte," "Whyte" and "Barry Whiye." 

Still, could be worse.  They could've gone the full hog and called me "Barry Shite."