Friday, 6 September 2013

They can be heroes - just for one day

Look, dear friends, it's Barnaby the Bear's book! 

"Very interesting, Barry," I hear you demand in sync. "But what the **** is Barnaby the Bear's book, and why should we care?"

Very fair question.  And here is the answer.

Barnaby the Bear's book is given to Guiseley Infant School's Yellow Class "Star of the Week" to take home for the weekend "to share adventures with."  So it is. 

And how do I know that, I hear you bellow? (I do wish you'd keep it down a bit, have you seen the time?)     

Here's a clue.

Yup, our Jamie picked up the prize (bear) in his very first week, which was a surprise to say the least.

And how did he manage that, Barry? (You really are very inquisitive tonight, but I'll answer). 

Two reasons (officially):
  1. "Honesty"  (a load of classmates made a mess of the classroom, but only our Jamie said it was him); 
  2. "Sitting nicely in his chair" (a talent you're either born with or never possess).
Well done him. 

And what do prizes make?  That's right - more prizes. 

As it happens, Carnivorous Charlotte ate up all her melon at nursery and thereby also qualified to share in the spoils.

So it was new dinosaur place mats all round.

I'm not sure how our family is going to cope with this sudden whiff of success.  We're not really used to it.