Monday, 9 September 2013

A hairy moment looms

As we enter Great North Run race week, I have two principal problems.

The first is the pain in my lower abdomen which, according to Google, may or may not be a "sports hernia."  Or I could be pregnant.  Either way, it can be diagnosed afterwards because I'm running on Sunday.

The second is made up of two identical concerns; namely, left armpit hair and right armpit hair.

Yes, my armpits have bizarrely taken on the appearance of Manchester United's recent panic signing Marouane Fellaini.  This is not a good look when I'm committed to wearing a gaping vest in the big event. I already had the embarrassment of my Ulsterman tee shirt tan to contend with.  Plus, I'm built like a bottle.

I see little option but to chop my pit foliage back a foot or two, but the whole idea of doing so makes me queasy. And what implement do I use for the task?  Kitchen scissors or garden shears? 

Alternatively, I could ask my lady barber to shave them when I get my head hair chopped later in the week.  But she's Eastern European so the concept might be foreign to her.

Whilst I ponder the best way forward and if you haven't already done so, perhaps you'd be kind enough to make a small donation to the all-important cause.  Or even just read about it.

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