Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Learning the lingo, man

One of the most poignant aspects, for me, of Sunday's Great North Run is that it was Newcastle where Mags and I first met and became pals as students back in 1990.

I've only returned twice since graduation, most recently two years ago when Wee John and I teamed up for the original Running For Mags.

The plan this weekend is for the Whites to travel up en masse (i.e. all four of us) on Saturday for some playtime in Newcastle and an overnight stay in nearby Durham before the race to South Shields on Sunday morning.

As with any trip to a foreign land (in this case Geordieland) it's always useful to be able to speak the native tongue.

Therefore, with Vanessa in London, at 6am this morning I had a go at teaching Jamie and Charlotte how to speak Geordie.

Words and phrases covered included "why aye, man" (yes), "ha'way" (come on), "bairn" (child), "I'll punch yer fookin' lights oot!" (would you like to have a fight?) and "shite" (poo poo).

Given the early hour - yet impressed with the progress my "bairns" were making - I had a quick shifty on YouTube to see if any English-Geordie tutorial videos existed. (Jamie had a "shite" whilst I did so).

And I found this, which I certainly found to be educational.

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